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A Case Study of Audio for High School Show Choir

In 2017, I was asked to handle audio for the North Carolina high school show choir state championship. In this competition, performers are accompanied by a track or band. Most of the singers are in constant motion in a space approximately 40 feet wide by 20 feet deep. Soloists share a few handheld wireless mics (4 in this one), but there […]

Choir Recording Logistics Tips for the Studio

Here are some choir recording logistics tips we’ve developed working with choirs in the studio. You can find audio recording tips on many other web sites. These logistics tips are to help make the choir tracking experience more comfortable for everyone. If singing with pre-recorded music, for monitoring, feed the phones mix into a small […]

For a 50 person choir, are monitors necessary?

This question came in by email: Q: In your experience, for a 50 person choir…are monitors for the choir a normal thing and/or necessary? I have mentioned to some of the choir members that the music director wants monitors for the choir and some have said, “Why?…I can hear everything just fine.” A: Monitors are normal, […]

How to start a Recording Studio with $3,000 and not waste money

John wrote to me and asked if I would suggest gear to help them start a recording studio from scratch on a budget of $3,000.  I enjoy an audio challenge and thought my reply may help others as well. Here’s the criteria I was given to work with: The cost should not exceed $3,000 by much.  The budget is not a […]

Is there a cheap way to soundproof a room?

The quick answer is: Probably not, but you may already have a room that will accomplish your goal. This question came to me from a trumpet player that was looking for a way to practice without disturbing others. There are three principles we will draw on to understand the direction needed: Sound proofing is achieved […]