For a 50 person choir, are monitors necessary?

This question came in by email:

Q: In your experience, for a 50 person choir…are monitors for the choir a normal thing and/or necessary? I have mentioned to some of the choir members that the music director wants monitors for the choir and some have said, “Why?…I can hear everything just fine.”

A: Monitors are normal, regardless of group size if anyone in the choir is struggling to hear the piano or what is being said at the pulpit. Monitors can help everyone lock in with soloists also. But I almost always limit what I send to choir monitors to piano, pulpit and solo mics only. Otherwise they become a feedback hazard. And the more sound sources you send to he choir, the more you have to worry about the choir mics picking up.

I also find it very helpful to make all (or at least most) aux sends feeding choir monitors post-fader.