Give your unused audio equipment to a local school, church or community musical arts group!

Do you have audio equipment or cables not being used? You might have something another community organization could use! We collect pretty much anything related to a sound system, TEST IT and offer it freely to local schools, churches and community musical arts groups who have a need for it. We’ll come pick it up, uninstall if necessary and store it. And if we think you’re making a mistake giving it away, we will show you how it could benefit your own organization.

Here are examples of items we look for:

Cables and connectors – We use reclaimed connectors and cable whenever possible to save schools and churches money. With good soldering skills, reclaimed connectors and cable can be every bit as good as brand new.

Wireless mics – Those wireless systems that are now illegal in the United States are still legal in many other countries. We have contacts that can hand-carry items to many South American countries and give them to schools and churches.

Mixers, amps, keyboards and speakers – No one likes trying to sell large heavy things that are hard to ship. Let us come pick it up instead. You won’t have to store it anymore and can enjoy knowing it will benefit others.

Microphones and stands – The mics and stands you never use after upgrading might be a great blessing to a middle school!

Rack gear – Many organizations have rack mounted items that are no longer needed after upgrading to a digital mixer. We’ll clean them up and put them back in action.

If you’re not sure if your collection would be of interest, please contact us!

The ‘NOT fine print’

  • This is a benevolent effort to match a surplus to a need. We are not a 501(c)(3) and thus unable to offer tax receipts.
  • We try our best to find new homes for every item, but occasionally it’s not possible. For example, if we find an item to be non-functional, obsolete or not worth repairing, we might only be able to use it for parts and throw the rest away. At least it will be evaluated by a professional and you won’t have to deal with figuring it out.
  • On occasion, when an item is not likely to be of use locally, we may attempt to sell it. When an item is sold, 100% of the proceeds will be re-invested into audio gear to serve community organizations in and around Charlotte.