Luke 2 by the Little Girl on the Radio

Fun Facts about the recording

ValLuke2 2The little girl’s name is Valerie Apthorp and this is what she looked like near the time Luke 2 was recorded in 1995.  She was 4 years old.

Folks often ask if she read the verses.  Actually, her dad taught them to her and she recited all twenty verses.

The voice recording was made in Charlotte, NC. During the recording, Val stood in a walk-in storage closet in their family apartment. You can sometimes faintly hear traffic going by outside.

Right after she finished the recording of Luke 2, she asked if she could go eat because she was “starving”!  For the record, she was never deprived of food.

The recording is aired on hundreds of radio stations.  The first to air it was Bible Broadcasting Network in Charlotte, NC.

The recording is available to anyone from several sources. There are links below on this page. The inside cover of the CD has a photo of Val playing the background accompaniment of Silent Night, which she arranged and performed in 2005.

More about Val

Valerie was named after the daughter of Elisabeth and Jim Elliot.

Her personality in real life is just like on the recording. Mom and dad used to take her to church early just so she could toddle around meeting new people. When she was a newborn baby, she would jabber to the outlet on the wall next to the sink in the bathroom because it looked like it had eyes and a nose.

Valerie was home schooled. She learned to read very early and never had a grade lower than a B+ in school.

Throughout her teen years, she acted in a radio program for teens called Faith Crossing. She played the role of Tori McIntire who was often heard to say, “My life is OVER!”

Her favorite competitive activity in high school was debate tournaments. She was the president of her National Honor Society chapter.  She also taught piano to ten students while in high school, played piano specials in church and sang in the choir.

At age 17, Val recorded a piano CD called “Vision”. There are links below where you can listen.

As a teen, she applied to six colleges and was accepted by all of them, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She turned them all down. Instead, she attended Bible college at Palabra de Vida in Argentina. She is now fluent in Spanish.

Val was married in 2013. She and her husband love God and serve the Lord in Cordoba, Argentina.

What others have to say about this reading of Luke 2

“She is such a blessing to listen to.” – Ludowici, GA

“I cried as I listened to your little sweet voice tell of my Jesus.” – Charlotte, NC

“…you blessed many, many people, our family included. It is such a treasure. I want to share it and have others who haven’t heard .. . to likewise be blessed. God bless you real good.” – Waynesboro, GA

“I want you to know how much I have enjoyed hearing Luke 2, your reading of it. It is so joyful and you you read with so much meaning and expression. It is truly wonderful.” – San Antonio, TX

“It was beautiful and so sweet.” – Albemarle, NC

“It is wonderful.” – Boerne, TX

“It is so beautiful and a real blessing to me.” – Sunbury, NC

“We have never heard a sweeter, more delightful reading of God’s word and we want to share this with others in our family. Thank you for the opportunity to do this.” – Chapel Hill, NC

“It was such a blessing to my heart.” – Loganville, GA

Luke 2 is on an album called ‘Christmas The Way We Remember’

Christmas The Way We Remember

Luke 2 is available for free on Spotify. Search for “Luke 2, Silent Night – Feat. Valerie Apthorp”.

Or Call

Val’s CD – Vision

Valerie Apthorp Vision

Vision is available for free on Spotify. Search for “Vision – Valerie Apthorp”.