Wise Consulting

$75 per hour

Each situation is custom but may involve:

  • coaching directors, students, volunteers, musicians and actors
  • diagnosing issues you describe
  • assessing and documenting your current setup
  • correcting wiring problems
  • calibrating your system using calibrated measurement equipment
  • a written report of findings, recommendations and options to solve every issue

Payment is generally requested upon delivery of the report.

Onsite Mixing / Recording

$1000 per day

Live event mixing and recording that includes:

  • Pre-event planning
  • All required equipment, customized for your exact situation
  • Live mixing of your event
  • Multitrack recording up to 32 simultaneous tracks
  • Travel expenses
  • Setup, engineer, onsite support team and strike

We’ll provide a custom quote if the event requires multiple days, an unusually large team or travel out of town.

Studio Mixing

$75 per hour

All equipment is included. Modest setup charges may apply.

May involve:

  • tracking
  • compiling the best takes (“comping”)
  • pitch correction
  • rhythmic alignment
  • fixing cutoffs
  • EQ & compression
  • adding ambience or effects
  • mixing
  • mastering for CD or EP – Assemble the perfect performance medley or make all the songs on your CD a consistent volume. CD media is an additional cost. Single CD’s are $5 each and we can get you a quote for larger quantities.

Payment is generally requested at the conclusion of each session, but on longer projects, we’ll invoice monthly.

Piano tuning

Tuned by James Baker, Registered Piano Technician and tuner for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. We pass along James exact fee for tuning with no markup. Cost for tuning is approximately $150.