Why Sound Amazing?

Because now you can.

We’re out to radically raise the bar of audio quality in places that have traditionally settled for less than amazing results.

We’ve worn the shoes of soloist, director, choir member, instrumentalist, lead actor, booster, audience, radio program director AND engineer. We understand the hours you put into rehearsals, concerts, services, competitions and fund raising. We also cringe with you when the sound system rings and makes the audience jump in self defense.

Here’s what we think amazing means:

  • Foremost, it means having a committed and knowledgeable ally that never stops working on ways to make your events and recordings better. Sometimes this means deep research and experimentation to solve the sound puzzle your special situation requires. Other times it means emergency emailing your tracks because you forgot your CD for the Uptown Christmas Tree Lighting performance. The high value we place on “We’ve got your back!” is partly why our clients come back year after year.
  • A pleasant, natural sounding blend for the audience where the sound system becomes invisible.
  • Mics that are turned up before the soloist starts.
  • Stage monitors with exactly what the musicians and director need to bring their best performance
  • No ringing feedback! We accomplish no-feedback through extreme pre-concert tuning, attention to detail and training of performers. The result is shows with zero feedback.
  • Redundant recording machines, because we only get one take.
  • Recordings that are lovingly attended to because our great grandchildren may hear them.

We’re not for everyone, but if you appreciate a friend that is obsessive about your success and will even try to talk you out of making mistakes, we might be for you.

We specialize in choirs, orchestras, concert bands, pianos and traditional church music!

When it comes to sound and recording, choirs, orchestras and powerful sopranos require a very different approach than a band with electric instruments. It’s even trickier when electric instruments must be blended well with choir. Mic selection and positioning for these situations is an art we have honed in over 30 years of live concerts and recordings. The result is that both your blend and aesthetics will be diligently protected.

Teachers – Our recordings help you teach, attract talent, get gigs and help students get into college music programs.

It’s difficult to help students understand the importance of details like annunciation, pitch, blend and working with a sound system without them being able to hear exactly what they sound like to the audience. A professional recording designed to accurately reproduce their performance is a “picture worth a thousand words”.

Directors find our recordings help accelerate the growth of upcoming students. That means highly developed seniors and sold-out May concerts. And if you’re really serious, see what happens when you start in middle school!

To date, 100% of our recordings submitted to college music programs have resulted in acceptance and most students are offered scholarships. And college choirs routinely use our recordings to attract talent to their school and music department.

We’ll use the finest gear in the recording industry.

We’re talkin’ the fancy stuff you’d see in NYC, Nashville or Hollywood studios… Midas, Neve, Millennia, Neumann, DPA, Great River, API, Korby, Cranesong, Bricasti. Part of our vision and reason to exist is to bring the highest level of quality to community groups that would otherwise find it cost prohibitive.


Our 35+ year adventure in audio has included working with radio, churches, colleges, choirs of every stripe (including several years as a director), symphony orchestras, televised PBS concerts and working with a long list of independent artists.

We partner with like-minded studios to expand our pool of experience, talent and gear.

We LOVE applying a lifetime of learning and skill to making events and recordings Sound Amazing! Let’s find out if we would love working together.

Jeff & Robbyn Apthorp