Get ready to OWN your school sound system!

We help educators go from tears to CHEERS with sound!

Everyone wants students to be HEARD during performances. We can make that happen using our system or yours!

Is the original installer of your system unknown? We’d love to take over being the expert on your exact setup. We’ll optimize what you have and take care of necessary repairs.

Do you have some promising young tech talent but not enough time to bring out their best. We’ll condense decades of experience into days for them. Many of the students we work with go on to pursue careers in audio. But before that, they can become great at audio for your school! We also look for ways to give students (and interested teachers) experience in community events outside of school.

Need extra wireless head-mics or a whole system designed to impress? If you’re near Charlotte, NC, you can rent from us and we’ll come do the entire setup for you! Our most popular rental system is specifically designed for elementary and middle school musicals. You can use it all week and it moves in minutes so you can share the room with flying basketballs or class picture days.

Would you prefer we bring in and operate an extravagant audio system for your choir concert? We will bring in a Disney/Broadway-level sound system and set up early enough so you can rehearse. We’ll play music before and after the show that supports the emotion of the story you’re telling. During the show, we’ll mix with the same attention your accompanist is giving. We can even multi-track record and provide a studio-mixed master after concerts.

Have an audio problem with your system that you can’t figure out how to solve? We’re ninja troubleshooters and love to solve problems!

One of our missions is to help start kids learning tech in elementary school. Not only does this give them a valuable way to contribute, but it also helps middle and high school programs when those kids have industry-professional habits before they arrive.

Knocking it out of the park!

Famous for rocking the biggest sports stadiums (Lambeau Field), theme parks (Disney), Churches (Bethel, Willow Creek, Calvary Chapel) and festivals in the world, Danley Sound Labs made our SM80’s, TH118’s and amps. There’s a reason theaters, clubs and mega-churches around the world are switching to Danley.

Our passion lies in providing exceptional experiences with meticulous attention to quality and detail.

We specialize in music-in-the-park, family type events.

Serving those who serve others

Our clients are making a difference to kids

Ardrey Kell High School

Beverly Woods Elementary School

Charlotte Children's Choir (with Sound Post Productions)

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Professional Development

Elon Park Elementary

First Presbyterian Church in Charlotte (Children's Musicals)

Highland Creek Elementary

Highland Mills Montessori

Julius L. Chambers High School

McAlpine Elementary in Charlotte

Metro School in Charlotte

NCASA Show Choir NC State Competition

Northside Baptist School Theater Department

Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte

Parkside Elementary School

Providence High School in Charlotte

Sharon Elementary School

South Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte

Starmount Academy of Excellence

Walter G. Byers School

Weddington High School in Union County (Choir and Theater)

Weddington Middle School (Theater and Choir)

William A. Hough High School in Cornelius (Choir and Theater)

Hi! I'm Jeff!

I'm the owner of Sound Amazing LLC. In over 45 years of audio experience, I have run sound for school musicals and national theatrical tours and played the lead in multiple musicals. I’ve helped set up for a US president and vice president, famous artists, global telecasts and PBS concerts. And I’ve written letters of recommendation that helped get students into exclusive college theater programs. I love to condense decades of experience into days and help you achieve TOTAL CONFIDENCE with your school sound system!

Our services


Coming in the summer of 2024

In person coaching for theater tech kids

We’ll coach your students in setting up for a performance. Theater teachers love this service because we can solve most of the audio problems before the first rehearsal. That allows the student tech crew to focus on learning cues instead of fighting feedback and wireless mic issues.

Professional Development Training for School Systems

One of the best ways to get tremendous value for many locations simultaneously is to bring us in to do a seminar for all the teachers in your district!


Coming in the summer of 2024

Sound For Your Event

Providing extravagant audio for school events is our passion. We love to bring in the kind of equipment used on Broadway and in big festivals. We often hear feedback from clients who say the thing they appreciate most about our service is that that they never have to give audio a second thought.


"Thank you again for everything that you’ve done. You have certainly provided more than you promised and you have helped us in ways that can’t be quantified by hardware installation or cable runs."


"I've been a teacher for over 15 years and yours was the most relevant (PD) session I have ever been a part of. There was so much helpful information about things we are not taught while preparing to be a music teacher."



Can you come to our school and fix our sound problems?

If you are within a few hours of Charlotte, NC then yes!

Can you give us a quote for a new sound system?

Absolutely! Let's schedule a call to get the ball rolling!

Can you help us with our musical?

If you are within a few hours of the Charlotte, NC area and we are available on the dates you need then yes!

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